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Lighting up Lives

FlashbackLighting up Lives

  • Mr. Ananta Agaz narrates his experiences and the trustworthy...   View Large
    Ananta S. Agaj
    Bhivpuri (Alumni 1983 - 2014)
  • Mr. B J Karale, with three generations from his family...   View Large
    Bhalchandra J Karale
    Group Head - ES & A - Khopoli (Alumni 1982 - 2015)
  • Mr. R. Shenoy recollects some fond experiences while at Tata Power   View Large
    R Shenoy
    General Manager - Trombay (Alumni 1965 - 2001)
  • Mr. Satish Ganpathy takes us through his journey at Tata Power   View Large
    Satish Ganapathy
    Chief Manager - Administrative Trombay (Alumni 1970 - 2010)
  • Ms. Bina Umesh Raj narrates experiences and fond...   View Large
    Bina Umesh Raj
    Senior Manager - HR Mumbai Operations Dharavi (Alumni 1973 - 2012)
  • Mr. G.T. Naik takes us through his journey at Tata Power...   View Large
    G T Naik
    Bhivpuri (Alumni 1971 - 2008)
  • Mr. Prabhakar C. Kale narrates his experiences at Tata Power   View Large
    Prabhakar C. Kale
    Head - Khopoli Power Station, since - 1989
  • Mr. Vijay K. Chourey talks about his association with the Company   View Large
    Vijay K Chourey
    Head - Transmission Dharavi (Alumni 1980 - 2015)
  • Mrs. Sudha Dharmaraj talks about how a large part of her family...   View Large
    Sudha Dharmaraj
    Lead Associate - Payroll, Corporate Accounts, Carnac (Since 1989)