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Lighting up Lives


Electricity apart from being just a source of energy, has become an adjective which is used in the context of a highly energetic and invigorating environment. This powerful source of energy, which is now almost synonymous to Oxygen, came into the world’s notice when Benjamin Franklin got the shock of his life from his audacious experiment. Its commercialization set-off the wheels of a new revolution and changed the entire world around it. Though Mr. Jamsetji Tata wanted to bring this innovative energy source to our country in 1875, it wasn’t until much later that it could become a reality. A brief history of its journey in India has been captured here, showcasing the growth of the spark to the unstoppable force that it has become now.

First Hydroelectric Power Plant in India

First Thermal Power Plant

Electricity Act for India passed

Western India's First Hydroelectric Power Generating Station

Hydro Power Station

Third Hydro Power Station

Electricity Supply Act, DVC creation

Bhaakra Nangal Project

First Nuclear Power Plant in India

First Thermal Unit


First 500 MW Generating Unit in India

Trombay Thermal Station

Thermal Power Plant at Jojobera

Tata Power Co Ltd

Renewable source of power generation

Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited

Electricity Transmission

Tata Power Trading

Indonesian Coal Mines

First Solar Power Plant in India

Solar Power Plant in Gujarat

Ultra Mega Power Project at Mundra