Kalyan - Transmission Lines Headquarters

Kalyan Receiving Station is situated on the Kalyan-Panvel state highway. It was commissioned to cater to the load demand of Central Railway, Bhiwandi, Kalyan, Ulhasnagar, Ambernath & Dombivli residential areas and the Industries.

Kalyan Receiving Station was interconnected with Bhivpuri, Dharavi (before Salsette came in to existence), MSETCL Kalwa and Central Railway Chola P H. It was important tie-up point between Tata, MSETCL and Central Railways under western region.

Year of establishment

The station was commissioned in the year 1929

Present set up

Present Station capacity is 210MVA which is met by 2 Nos 75MVA and 1 NO 60MVA, 110kV / 22kV step down transformers

5 Kalyan Node NMMC Engineers are looking after 25X7 operation of

2 NSMC engineers with Resident Testing engineers taking care maintenance and testing of all equipment at these locations with the help of 11 permanent staff.

Kalyan is having a unique feature that it is having outdoor 22kV Switchyard.

Kalyan SCADA was commissioned in March-2013 and later control extended to PSCC on 23.08.2013.

Historical data

In 1929, Central Railways established their thermal power station at Chola, 3 Km from Kalyan, to supply traction loads in the Ghat section. The station was interconnected with Tata system through 110 kV lines at Kalyan receiving station in 1940. The interconnection proved beneficial to both Railways and Tatas during Second World War. The Thermal units of Central Railways at Chola were decommissioned in 1993/94 and Kalyan is now feeding Central Railways about average 28 million units in the month.

Transmission Division, Kalyan, November 1947First Row Sitting: - M/s. T. S. Ramula, A. P. Nigam, W. A. Todd, N. H. Master, S. M. Zubair, M.N.Bapat, S. M Shafi, V. A. Donde, S. Vithal.
Second Row Standing: - M/s. D. N. Garde, V. D. Gupte, R. R. Railkar, S. S. Vaidya, S. K. Mitra, S. S. Huzurbazar, U. S. Pandit, Mohomed Yakub.
Third Row Standing: - M/s. Prabhakar Laxman and Nivruti Babaji.
Kalyan Receiving station ( in olden days)