Jojobera Power Plant


The Tata Power Company Limited
Jojobera Power Plant
Jamshedpur 831 016
East Singhbhum,
Jharkhand, India
Phone: (+91) 06576511537;
Fax: (+91) 06572277268

Tata Power has entered into a Joint Venture with Tata Steel to set up power plants and utilize the waste gases (generated in the Blast Furnace) for power generation which otherwise would have been flared to atmosphere.

Year of establishment

Tata power Co. started its operations in the state of Jharkhand with acquisition of 67.5 MW coal based captive power unit of Tata Steel in April 1997.

To meet the increasing demand of Tata Steel, Tata Power decided to add more units in future. As a result of which five more 120MW units were set up in Jojobera in the year 2001, 2002, 2005, 2009 & 2011 respectively.

Present set up 667.5 MW

Details of the Units

PH 6 120

Highlights of Jojobera

Group Chairman Mr.Cyrus Mistry visited Jojobera Power Plant on 2nd March'14

Jamshedpur division has been declared as top performing division for 5 times in FY14


Greenolution is a movement that is applicable to everyone and encourages everyone to be an integral part of this movement.

The key initiatives that run under Greenolution at Jojobera are:


Jojobera division bagged 5 awards at Annual Excellence Awards of Tata Power 2012 in following categories: